Audiology Service

We have partnered with Blackberry Hearing to provide an Audiology service for our patients. John Vereka is our resident Audiologist who can answer any of your queries.

  • Free Hearing Test
  • Consultations
  • Hearing Aid Fittings & Adjustments
  • Free PRSI Grant Check

  • Meet our Audiologist John Vereker (FdSc HAA and MBSHAA Audiology)

    John a Kilkenny native, qualified as a Hearing Aid Audiologist in 2019 via Athlone Institute of Technology.

    Previously John worked in Hearcare and Eyecare for the past ten years. John has also worked in worked & lived abroad, moving to Spain in 2007 while furthering his education with a qualification in health and nutrition (BLITT).

    In 2010 John returned home & has been working in the Audiology & Eyecare industry. John's hobbies include learning new languages, going to the gym, and running. John is also a registered Member of British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.

    Our Hearing Test

    We offer a full Pure Tone Audiometry test complete with a full Audiogram.
    The Audiologist will provide you with a headset and ask you to press a button when you can hear a sound through the headset. The results of your hearing test are documented in an Audiogram.

    The Audiogram shows frequency levels for both the left & right ear and highlights any hearing loss you may be experiencing.

    The hearing test will normally take between 30 - 45 minutes in total.

    Meet our Audiologist John & our team on our clinic page here

    John Vereker (FdSc HAA and MBSHAA Audiology)

        049 437 2077